What Day is Best For Email Marketing - For Getting Your Emails Opened and Read

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What Day is Best For Email Marketing - For Getting Your Emails Opened and Read

Post by Rakiboul » Wed Sep 08, 2021 4:56 am

Now, I'd like to address a question that has come up over and over again as I've done coaching and training on this subject. And that question is: "What is the best day and time of day to send marketing emails?" Well, unfortunately, that answer is not straightforward and simple. Let's look at some of the variables and see if we can get a general guideline that can help you.The next consideration is your target market. Who are they? Do they mostly live in the same time zone or are they scattered across the globe? Also, a good question to ask yourself is whether or not your emails are time sensitive. Most email and contact manager software will let you build group lists according to many different parameters, so if you have a list that is Australia, for example, and you are mailing from New York, you'd want to B2B email list perhaps separate out the Aussies to receive their emails at a different time of day. Now, what about the frequency of your emails? I truly think that it is better to err on the side of too many and too frequent than too few not often enough. If you are sending a mailing such as an eNewsletter, that people will come to expect on a regular basis, then by all means, send it on the same day each week or each month, whatever your frequency is. My online training company does a free webinar each week on Tuesday afternoons. We send several emailings leading up to the event. One time, we didn't send out the emails on a day when most of our list would have expected to hear from us. We began to get emails from our audience wondering where the registration/reminder email was. We had no idea that our audience was paying that much attention and would react to not receiving our emails exactly when expected. That was a valuable lesson for us.

I would not send emails more than once a day. I do prepare an email at least 3-4 times per week, even if it's not an email with a "call to action," but instead just some valuable content. If your emails are of value, your list won't mind receiving them, even daily. A couple of closing thoughts.Get started now - you can tweak your system later. Don't wait until you think you have it down perfectly, or it won't happen. Do your own testing. If your list is large enough, you can do split-testing. Watch what happens when you email on certain days of the week, or certain times of day. Always leave room for flexibility Look past the raw data. In other words, don't B2B email list look at the "open rates" only. Take into consideration when you actually make sales. It could be that you make sales on days when the open rate isn't the highest. You have to weigh all this out before making a determination Last, but certainly NOT least - your content is ultimately much more important than what day of the week you send your emails. Your success rests more on high-value content that you could imagine. I know people with small lists who are making mid-6 figure incomes. Why? Because of the valuable content. More on this in a subsequent article. Stay tuned.

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